A landlocked country and the birthplace of Red Cross, located in Western Europe and home to Roger Federer (the most successful tennis player ever in the men’s section), Switzerland shares its border with Austria and Liechtenstein to the east, with France to the west, with Germany to the north and with Italy to the south. It is officially known as the Swiss Confederation and is one of the richest countries in the world. Swiss cuisine is similar to other European cuisines and caters to the need and taste of every individual. Hotels, bars, restaurants and nightclubs are plentiful and also cater to the need and budget of every individual and every family.

Getting to Switzerland

It takes nearly 10 hours to reach Zurich from London by train and connecting train via Paris and Basel. By flight it takes nearly 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach Zurich from London. Many different airlines are offering their services between London and Geneva/ Zurich.

Things to do in Switzerland

Zurich: A global city located in north-central Switzerland, Zurich is the biggest city in Switzerland. Banking giants and many financial institutions have their base in the city. Zurich is the wealthiest city in Europe and the quality of life in the city is considered by many to be the best in Europe. Zoological Museum, Museum of Art, Old Town, Zurich 200, Belvoir Park is arguably the top 5 out of 143 major tourist attractions in and around Zurich.

Geneva: A global city and the second biggest city (after Zurich) in Switzerland, Geneva is located on the bank of Lake Geneva. The headquarters of many international organizations and the Red Cross are located in Geneva. It is the third wealthiest city in Europe (after Zurich and Vienna). Notre-Dame Church, Musee Ariana (Museum), Museum of the International Red Cross, College Calvin, the Botanical Gardens is arguably the top 5 out of 108 major tourist attractions in and around Geneva.

Bern: Located at the heart of Switzerland on the small area of land surrounded by the river Aare, Bern (a small city) is the capital of Switzerland. The old town of Bern, for its unique design, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bern Historical Museum, Kunstmuseum, Zytglogge (Clock Tower), Gurten (Hill), Rosengarten (Rose Garden) is arguably the top 5 out of 43 major tourist attractions in and around Bern.

Skiing and snowboarding in Switzerland

The Alps to the south of Switzerland known as Swiss Alps is the most ideally suited for skiing, snowboarding and mountaineering. Though the best ski resorts and skiing areas are located in the southern Switzerland, there are some exciting ski resorts located in the Eastern Switzerland as well as Central Switzerland. Zermatt (Top lift 3900 m), Nendaz (Top lift 3300 m), Saas-Free (Top lift 3500 m ), Verbier (Top lift 3300 m), Interlaken (Top lift 2971 m) is arguably the top 5 out of 182 ski resorts having the highest ski areas in Switzerland. All the five ski resorts are ideal for expert skiers, intermediates as well as beginners. Verbier (412 km) and Zermatt (394 km) are the two having the biggest ski areas in Switzerland. Murren and St. Moritz (350 km) are two other ski resorts having one of the biggest ski areas in Switzerland. The first world ski championships were held in 1931 in Murren and after 3 years, in 1934 in St. Moritz.    


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