Located in Northern Europe and officially known as the Kingdom of Sweden, Sweden is bordered by Norway and Finland and is connected by a bridge tunnel to Denmark across the Oresund. One of the Scandinavian countries Sweden is the best governed country in the world (declared in 2013 by The Economist). A constitutional monarchy, Sweden (after Switzerland) is ranked the second most competitive country (ranked by the World Economic Forum in 2010). Sweden has hosted many international sports events such as FIFA World Cup in 1958, UEFA European Football Championship in 1992 and FIFA Women’s World Cup in 1995. Swedish cuisine (like other Scandinavian countries) offers many traditional dishes consisting of dry bread, meat, boiled crayfish, potatoes, fish and various dairy products. Swedish dishes with minimum spices are quite palatable and also cater to the need and taste of every individual. Do taste the famous Swedish meatballs and take swigs from a bottle of Akvavit (an alcoholic distilled beverage). Hotels, bars, restaurants and nightclubs are plentiful and also cater to the need and budget of every individual and every family.

Getting to Sweden

It takes a little over 24 hours to reach Stockholm from London by train via Brussels, Cologue, Copenhagen. By flight it takes nearly 2 hours to reach Stockholm from London, with many different airlines offering their services.

Things to do in Sweden

Stockholm: A global city in the true sense, located on the south-central east coast of Sweden, Stockholm is the capital and the biggest city in Sweden. Though the most populated city in Sweden, Stockholm also known as Venice of the North has long been known for its magnificent buildings and architecture, parks, incredible scenic beauty and abundant clean wonderful cafes and bar and open blue water. The official residence of the Swedish monarchy and the Prime Minister is located in the city. The city is spread over 14 islands in Lake Malaren and proudly faces the Baltic Sea to the east. The Old Town (neighborhoods/ Islands), Drottningholm Palace, City Hall, Djurgarden (Parks/ Islands), Vasa Museum is arguably the top 5 out of 193 worth visiting places in and around Stockholm.

Gothenburg: Located on the west coast of Sweden, a shopping paradise and host to Goteborgsvarvet (one of the biggest street party and running events in the world), Gothenburg is the second biggest city in Sweden. Gothenburg port is the biggest port in the Nordic Countries. This global city is world famous for hosting some of the biggest annual international events such as the Goteborg International Film Festival, Gothia cup (International Soccer Tournament) and various international music festivals. Liseberg (Amusement Park), Botanical Garden, Southern Goteborg Archipelago (Islands/ Beaches), Universeum (Children’s Museum), Slottsskogen (Zoo/ Park) is arguably the top 5 out of 72 major tourist attractions in and around Gothenburg.

Beaches in Sweden

You will get the finest beaches in Sweden in the large U shape bend that stretches from Stockholm (East) to Gothenburg (West). Sandhammeren (Southern Skane), Mossby Beach (near Ystad), Tylosand Beach (Halland), Sudersand (Got land), Varamon (Motala) is arguably the top 5 beaches in Sweden ideal for all age groups.


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