A unitary semi-presidential Republic, located at the intersection of Central Europe and Southern Europe, Romania shares its border with Moldova and Ukraine to the east and northeast, Hungary and Serbia to the west and Bulgaria to the south. Romania is the 9th largest wine producing country and after USA the second largest plum producing country of the world. Romanian cuisine though maintaining its own character is greatly influenced by the cuisines of the neighbouring (Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary and Turkey) countries. Romanian cuisine with its variety and diversity caters to the need and taste of every individual. Hotels, bars, restaurants and nightclubs are plentiful and also cater to the need and budget of every individual. You are advised to take swigs from a bottle of Tuica (plum brandy) and taste Sarmale (prepared from minced meat) wrapped in cabbage.

Getting to Romania

Bucharest (Romania) is approx 2088 km from London and the flight duration is approx 2 hours and 42 minutes. By train and connecting trains the journey takes nearly 45 hours (via Paris, Munch, Budapest, Brasov).

What to do in Romania

Bucharest: The financial, cultural and industrial center of Romania, Bucharest is the capital, most prosperous and the biggest city in Romania. It is situated on the bank of the Dambovita River in the southeast of Romania, Old Town (Neighborhoods), Palace of Parliament, the Chamber of Deputies, Herastrau Park, Romanian Anthenaeum (Architectural Building) is arguably the top 5 out of 109 major tourist attractions in and around Bucharest.

Cluj-Napoca: The second biggest city in Romania, Cluj-Napoca is located in the northwestern part of Romania. Botanical Garden, National Theater, Fantanele Lake, Casino Parcul Central, Taylor’s Bastion is arguably the top 5 out of 48 worth visiting places in and around Cluj-Napoca.

Brasov: Located in the central part of Romania and nearly 166 km north of Bucharest, Brasov is ideally located for trips around Romania. It is the second best place (after Bucharest) to taste the local cuisine and wine as well as international cuisine. Bran Castle, Casa Sfatului, Viscri (Historic Sites) Black Church, Paradisul Acvatic is arguably the top 5 out of 34 major tourist attractions in and around Brasov.

Beaches in Romania

Mamaia Beach (northeast of Constanta) is a very well maintained beautiful beach with great panoramas and amenities. Particularly in the north area, the beaches are more beautiful but more expensive too. Eforie Nord (14 km south of Constanta), Costinesti, Mangalia (44 km from Constanta), Trei Papuci Beach (in the northern part of Constanta) is arguably the top 5 beaches in Romania.

Skiing in Romania

Busteni (top lift 2504 m), Sinaia (top lift 2100 m), Poiana Brasov (top lift 1770 m), Azuga (top lift 2000 m), Predeal (top lift 1700 m) is arguably the top 5 ski resorts in Romania. Poiana Brasov with the maximum number of lifts (11) is an ideal ski resort for the expert skiers. Next to Poiana Brasov is Sinaia that offers some challenges to the expert skiers. The rest three ski resorts (specially, Azuga with 5 lifts) are ideal for the beginners and the intermediates.   


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