TyPeS oF CeiliNg LiGhT FiXtUrEs


Types of Ceiling Light Fixtures, if known by an individual, can bring wonders to the interior of a house so far as lighting and decoration of a house are concerned. Many people do not give much importance to the proper lighting of a house, mostly due to their lack of knowledge or proper know-how and due to the fear of exceeding their budget. Ceiling Light Fixtures are almost one time investment if you know at the very first instance, what to look for and what to avoid while ordering for the ceiling light fixtures in your house. It is not necessary to go for the same ceiling light fixtures in each room of your house. As different spices, bring different taste to a particular dish, so do the different ceiling light fixtures, to different rooms of a particular house. Each room has a different need depending upon the occupants of each room and the activities needed to be done in each room. In a sitting area, for example, a spacious drawing room, Pendants or Chandeliers will be the most ideal ceiling light fixtures, as these provide direct and down lighting which is not only decorative but ambient too.

Chandeliers can be the most suitable ceiling light fixtures for the children’s room too, as these provide not only ambient but also up/down lighting. For kitchen, Flushmount ceiling light fixtures are considered to be the best, for its down and ambient lighting type. Some houses and restaurants, having a bar area, Semi Flushmount ceiling light fixtures would be the most ideal type, as these provide up/down and ambient lighting.

There is no strict guideline that is to be followed while installing ceiling light fixtures. Choice differs and it entirely depends upon an individual’s choice which type of ceiling light fixtures an individual likes the most for a particular room. Chandeliers, Pendants, Flushmount and Semi Flushmount all look equally good in any room and add to the style and elegance of a room, if installed at the right places and at the right height. An experienced and competent technician should be sought for while installing ceiling light fixtures.

Some other Ceiling Light Fixtures are given below:

1)    Billiard/Island

2)    Track Lighting

3)    Recessed Lighting

4)    Under Cabinet

5)    Multi Light

6)    Spot/Accent Lights

7)    Fluorescents

8)    Outdoor ceiling

9)    Outdoor pendants


Outdoor ceiling and outdoor pendants are ideally suited as ceiling light fixtures in a reception area or a portico whereas Fluorescents and Under Cabinet are mostly used in large office rooms where a lot of people are engaged in office work at night. Recessed lighting is mostly used in bars and rooms used for religious gathering and meditation. Track Lighting and Spot/Accent Lights are extensively used in theatres and discos. However, as mentioned earlier, any of these types can be used in any room depending upon the choice of an individual.

A very important point that is to be remembered is the fact that carefully planned ceiling light fixtures can take away the need of wall lights permanently and can be quite economical too, in the long run.     


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