One of the few countries of the world that are located in the extreme north, Norway (officially known as the Kingdom of Norway), located in the northern Europe, is one of the most mountainous countries of Europe having one of the longest and one of the most uneven and rocky coastlines. Norway shares its land border with Finland and Russia to the northeast and its longest land border with Sweden to the east. Norwegian cuisine has been strongly influenced by the cuisines of other European countries. Though the Norwegian cuisine offers many traditional dishes (mainly containing fish and game), many popular dishes from other European countries (especially Italy) are also available in most parts of Norway catering to the need and taste of every individual. Hotels, bars, restaurants and nightclubs are plentiful and also cater to the need of every individual.

How to reach Norway:

It takes nearly 30 hours to reach Oslo (Norway) from London by train and connecting trains via Brussels, Cologne and Copenhagen. By flights, it takes one and a half hour to two hours to reach different airports in Norway from the major airports of U.K. Many different airlines are offering their services between U.K and Norway.

Oslo: The capital and the most populated city of Norway, located in the southeast of Norway, Oslo is the economic, banking, industrial and shipping center of Norway. Oslo is a global city in the true sense and home to some of the biggest shipping companies and Ship brokers of the world. It is one of the most expensive cities of the world. Vigeland Park, Fram Polar Ship Museum, Oslo Opera House, Bygdoy Peninsula, Korketrekkeren (Ski/Snowboard Areas) is arguably the top 5 out of 303 major tourist attractions in and around Oslo.

Bergen: The second biggest city, situated on the west coast of Norway, Bergen is surrounded by 7 mountains. It is the Norwegian center for higher education and tourism. Mount Ulriken, Hardanger Fjord (Geological Formations), Bergen Art Museum, Hanseatic Museum, Floibanen (Lookouts)  is arguably the top 5 out of 74 worth visiting places in and around Bergen.

Tromso: The largest city in northern Norway, Tromso is home to some of the best musicians of Norway. The city center and most of Tromso is situated on Tromsoya (a small island). Tromso Bridge  connects Tromsoya to the mainland and Sandnessund  Bridge connects Kvaloya (a large island to the west of the mainland and home to a part of the urban area) to the mainland. Arctic Cathedral, Hurtigruten Tromso (Boating), The Polar Museum, Tromso Fjords (Geological Formations), Tromso Museum  is arguably the top 5 out of 65 major tourist attractions in and around Tromso.

Beaches in Norway

The best beaches in Norway are mostly located in Southern Norway. In and around Stavanger (a city located in Southern Norway), you will get the best beaches in Norway. Vigden, Godalen, Solastrand, Vaulen and Orrestranda Beach are not only 15-20 minutes drive from Stavanger but also offer the finest sandy beaches and amenities in Norway.

Skiing in Norway

Geilo (the oldest ski resort in Norway), Trysil (the largest ski resort in Norway), Hovden (the largest ski resort in Southern Norway), Kvitfjell (the largest ski area for the children and the beginners in Norway), Hemsedal (considered by many skiers to be the best ski resort in Norway) is arguably the top 5 ski resorts out of 60 ski resorts in Norway.


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