Though one of the smallest and one of the most densely populated countries in the world, Malta is a lovely Mediterranean retreat. Malta consists of a group of islands surrounded by sea and is located in Southern Europe in the center of the Mediterranean Sea. It is located to the east of Tunisia, north of Libya and south of Sicily. It is officially known as the Republic of Malta. The strong influence of Spanish, English, Maghrebin, Provencal and Sicilian cuisine can be easily noted in Maltese Cuisine. With a number of seasonal variations, Maltese cuisine, is quite palatable and also cater to the need and taste of every individual. Hotels, bars, restaurants and nightclubs are plentiful and also cater to the need and budget of every individual.

How far from UK

Flights from over 50 different airlines are available and it takes 3 to 4 hours from all the major UK airports to reach Malta by flight. By trains and ferries combined, the journey takes almost 3 days and 2 nights from London to Malta (from London via Paris, Milan, Rome, Sicily, Siracuse, Pozzallo).

What to do in Malta

Valletta: After Nicosia, Valletta (the capital city of Malta) is the second southernmost capital of the European member states and is situated in the central-eastern part of Malta. Upper Barrakka Gardens, The National War Museum, Valletta Waterfront, Lower Barrakka Gardens, St. John’s Co-Cathedral is arguably the top out of 39 major tourist attractions in and around Valletta.

Mellieha: Located in the northeastern part of Malta, Mellieha (practically a large village) is a beautiful tourist destination and nothing short of a paradise during the summer. Sea Shell Dive Center (Water Sports), Mellieha Beach, Paradise Bay, English Rose Cruises (Tours), Aqua Venture (Water Sports) is arguably the top 5 out of 15 worth visiting places in and around Mellieha.

Gozo: The second largest island of the Maltese archipelago (after the main island of Malta), Gozo offers many beaches, fantastic panoramas and many popular and affordable seaside resorts. One of the top diving destinations of the world, Gozo is an ideal center for water sports. Azure Window (one of the oldest Geologic Formations), Blue Hole (Geologic Formation), Xlendi Beach, Ggantija Temple (one of the world’s oldest religious structures), Hondoq Bay is arguably the top 5 out of 54 major tourist attractions in and around the island of Gozo.

Saint Julian’s: Located along the coast and to the north of Valletta, Saint Julian’s is a town in Malta. Saint Julian’s is a very popular tourist destination in Malta not only for its beautiful panoramas but also for its quality nightclubs, bars and restaurants (mainly in the Paceville area). Dragonara Casino, St. George’s Bay, Paceville (lovely beaches, shopping centers, bars and restaurants), Spinola Bay, Balluta Square is arguably the top 5 out of 27 worth visiting places in and around Saint Julian’s.

Beaches in Malta

Mellieha Bay: Very good facilities for the visitors and very popular with the families. A great place to, swim, relax, bathe and play around. It is the largest sandy beach in Malta and undoubtedly one of the best beaches in the entire Mediterranean.

Golden Bay: Located very near the town of Mgarr (a few minute drive) and in the western part of Malta, Golden Bay offers the best facilities that any tourist can expect on a beach with breathtaking landscapes all around.

Pretty Bay (Birzebugga), Mgiebah (Mellieha), Ghajn Tuffiehe Bay (adjacent to Golden Bay) is arguably the top 5 beaches in Malta.         


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