Bulgaria, shares its border with Romania in the North, Turkey and Greece in the South, Black Sea in the East, Serbia and Macedonia in the West. It is officially known as the Republic of Bulgaria.

Bulgaria has a total area of approx 110 square kilometres. The 14th largest country of Europe, Bulgaria is located in South-eastern Europe. Sofia the capital of Bulgaria is also the largest city of the country. Sofia lies in the Western part of Bulgaria, at the centre of the Balkan Peninsula and at the foot of one of the most frequently visited tourist spots of Bulgaria, “Mount Vitosha”. Sofia is 135 km from Serbia border, 174 km from Macedonia border, 231 km from Greece border, 379 km from Romania border, 505 km from Turkey border and approx 400 km far from the Black Sea. Bulgaria has many mountain ranges and a long coastline, approx 378 km.

To reach Bulgaria from UK is quite convenient either by train or by flight. Sofia is approx 2000 km from London and it takes nearly 24 hours to reach Sofia from London by train and a bit more than 3 hours by flight. Though the quickest way to reach Bulgaria is by flight, train is the most economical and comfortable mode to transport to Bulgaria.

The major train and flight destinations of Bulgaria are:

1)    Sofia

2)    Burgas

3)    Varna

4)    Plovdiv

5)    Gorna Oryahovitsa

Bulgaria is a country of lakes, mountains and forests. Skiing, hiking, climbing, sailing, cycling, sight-seeing, shopping is the major holiday activities in Bulgaria.

Plovdiv: It is the oldest city of Europe and the 6th oldest city of the world. The history of this city is approx 8000 years old. After Sofia, the capital city, Plovdiv is the second largest city of Bulgaria. Built in the 2nd Century AD, the famous Roman amphitheatre and the Roman stadium can be viewed here. It is located in the South-central part of Bulgaria. Many Churches, mosques and temples, parks and gardens, theatre, music, literature and arts of Plovdiv are the main attractions for the tourists.

Varna: Located on the Black Sea coast, it is the third largest city of Bulgaria, after Sofia and Plovdiv. It is popularly called the marine capital of Bulgaria. This city is a major tourist attraction for its churches, institution, libraries, museums, art, international art festivals, sea resorts and restaurants. Varna is approx 365 km from Sofia. It is the largest city on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria.

Burgas: It is the second largest city on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria and the 4th largest city of Bulgaria. It is located at the extreme Western point of the Black Sea and surrounded by the Burgas Lakes. It has an oil refinery named LUKOIL Neftochim Burgas and it is the biggest oil refinery in the entire South-eastern Europe. The largest port of Bulgaria is located here named Port of Burgas. The main tourist attractions here are fishing, professional sports, churches and monasteries, sea resorts, boating and sightseeing.

Sofia Princess Hotel, Hotel Anel, Novetel Sofia, Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan and Hotel Berlin Park Vitosha are some of the best hotels in Sofia having branches in all the other major cities in Bulgaria. All the major cities of Bulgaria have good night clubs and restaurants offering Bulgarian cuisine at reasonable prices. Don’t forget to take swigs of Ayran (a yogurt drink, salty and watery in nature), the most famous and popular drink in Bulgaria.



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