Croatia is the 18th most popular tourist destination of the world. Croatia shares her border with Hungary to the Northeast, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Southeast, Slovenia to the North-west, the Adriatic Sea to the South-west and Serbia to the East. It is located in Southeast Europe. Croatia has a total area of approx 56000 square kilometres. It is officially known as the Republic of Croatia. The Adriatic Sea coast of Croatia has over 1300 islands. Zagreb is the capital city and the largest city of Croatia. Zagreb is approx 900 kilometres from Bosnia and Herzegovina, 300 kilometres from Hungary and 25 kilometres from Servia and Moutengero (South).

Zagreb is approx 16000 kilometres far from London. It takes approx 16 hours by train to reach Zagreb by train from London. There are 49 flights available on a weekly basis that leave Zagreb and connect to London. Direct flights are also available and 16 airlines are operating daily between Zagreb and London. The time taken by a direct flight is nearly 2 hours.

The main holiday activities in Croatia are sight-seeing, swimming, fishing, boating, surfing, shopping and sports.

Split: Located on the Eastern shores of the Adriatic Sea and in the Mediterranean Basin, it is the second largest city of Croatia. The city is approx 1,700 years old and is famous for Diocletian’s Palace. Apart from the famous palace, the city is well known for its cultural activities, museums and galleries, music and sports. Diocletian’s Palace is located at the centre of the city.

Pula: Famous for its age old tradition of shipbuilding, tourism, winemaking and fishing. Pula is situated at the Southern tip of Istria Peninsula. It is a worth visiting place for the historical remains and the famous Pula Arena.

Porec: Situated on the Western coast of the Istria Peninsula, Porec is famous for Euphrasian Basilica, a UNESO World Heritage Site. The city is nearly 2000 years old.

Croatia offers one of the best stretches of European Coastline. The historical remains of Roman and Venetian times in many coastal towns and cities of Croatia are worth watching. Gornji Grad (Zagreb), Euphrasian Basilica (Porec), Diocletian’s Palace (Split), Pula Arena (Pula), Old city of Dubrovnik, Historic city of Trogir, Plitvice Lakes

August and September are the two months to enjoy in Croatia to the fullest extent the fantastic Croatian cuisine, the beaches, the warm waters and the ancient towns with their historical remains. Korcula, Mali Losinj, Pag, Hvar and Vis are the top 5 holiday islands. Vis is the best holiday island for newly married couples for its romantic atmosphere. Korcula the birthplace of Marco Polo, is ideal for sight-seeing cultural activities. Mali Losinj is the best place for relaxation and rejuvenation. For food and music lovers Pag is the place to visit first. Korcula, Hvar, Dubrovnik, Porec and Pula are the top 5 beach resorts of Croatia where sun and fun are limitless.

Croatian Cuisine is a unique blend of Hungarian, Turkish, Austrian, Italian and French cuisine. It caters to the taste of every individual. Hotels and restaurants are plentiful in Croatia catering to the need and budget of every individual. 



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