Located in the southernmost part of the Scandinavian Peninsula that covers much of northern Europe, Denmark is one of the five Scandinavian countries. Though Denmark has many low hills, the inland of Denmark is generally low and flat. It is officially known as the Kingdom of Denmark. Greenland and the Faroe Islands located in the North Atlantic are integral parts of the Kingdom. Denmark shares her border of 68 km with Germany to the south and the rest of Denmark is surrounded by tidal shoreline. Approx 7300 km long shoreline includes many bays and inlets. To reach the coast, one has to travel not more than 52 km from any location of Denmark. Denmark is located south of Norway and southwest of Sweden. Copenhagen is the capital and most populated city of Denmark. Situated on the eastern coast of Zealand, Copenhagen stretches across part of Amager.

Copenhagen is nearly 1200 km from London and it takes approx 2 hours to reach by flight. There is no direct train available from UK to Denmark. A lot of flights of various different airlines are available. By ferry, it takes nearly 18 hours to reach Denmark from UK and the one way fare is 29 pounds.

The major holiday activities in Denmark are sightseeing, kayaking, swimming, cycling, shopping, fishing, taking treatment in a health resort, relishing Danish cuisine.

The worth visiting places of Denmark are:

1)    Amalienborg Palace: It is the winter residence of the Danish royalty. It is situated at the heart of Copenhagen. Be there at noon to witness the great ceremonial changing of guards.

2)    Carlsberg Brewery: Take swigs from a bottle of beer straight from the brewery and know for yourself why the brand is ranked among the world’s best beers. It is a short train ride of half an hour from Copenhagen.

3)    The Kronborg Castle: Situated in the northernmost tip of Zealand, this castle is famous for its super-creepy dungeon. It is 30 miles north to Copenhagen and a 40 minutes journey by train. This famous castle once inspired the great Shakespeare while he was working on Hamlet.

4)    The Oresund Bridge: This 12 km long bridge connects Copenhagen and Malmo (a major city of Sweden). It is indeed one of the top most man-made marvels of the world. It is the longest bridge in Europe, ideally suited for both rail and road journey.

5)    Arhus: The summer residence of the Danish Royalty, Marelisborg Palace and gardens are worth watching in this historic city of Denmark. Children under 18 can roam around the city free of cost. Adults are given 50 % discount between January and March. Situated at a distance of approx 90 km from Copenhagen, it takes nearly 3 hours to reach by train.

6)    Bornholm Island: Situated to the east of Denmark, this island is known as Pearl of the Baltic. This island offers many beautiful beaches, paths for cycling and architecture (many centuries old).

7)    The Stroget: One of the longest shopping streets of Europe, The Stroget is situated in Copenhagen. A visitor can get almost anything of his choice at a very reasonable price here.

8)    Shelly Beach, Anvil Beach, Parry Beach, Waterfall Beach, Mazzoletti Beach, Ocean Beach, Lights Beach are the best beaches of not only Denmark but also of Europe.

9)    The Trivoli Park: It is in Copenhagen, famous for its beauty and joy rides, it is one of the major attractions of Denmark.

Danish Cuisine caters to the taste of every tourist. Don’t ever forget to taste the hot dogs of Denmark. Hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, health resorts are plentiful and affordable. 


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