Creating Professional Tri-fold Brochures is an art in itself. Tri-fold brochures are extensively used for marketing and boosting up the sales of a particular product or highlighting the special features of a place, a restaurant or a tourist spot. The menu card of a restaurant is often placed before you in a tri-fold brochure. There are endless possibilities while designing and creating professional tri-fold brochures. Professional tri-fold brochures are found in different paper sizes. The difference in size is mainly due to the length of the content and the design. The standard size of a tri-fold brochure is 8.5”x11”.

A tri-fold brochure is one of the most effective and one of the least expensive marketing tools used in the modern era. It can be mailed or effectively left behind as a constant reminder to the handlers and viewers about its content and message.

Tri-fold brochure designing tips:

A tri-fold should be designed, keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of the people/customers that it intends to target. The message should be precise and to the point. The pictures should be relevant to the words and the message the words are implying. It needs a lot of creativity to create a professional tri-fold brochure. Though the planning and the designing have unlimited possibilities but the tips to remember while creating a professional tri-fold brochure are as follows:

a)    The front panel should be created to generate curiosity to look further and the urge to get the full message that lies inside the other panels. An eye-catching picture or image with a message that urges the viewer to read and compels is a must. The message should be such that it tickles the personal needs, likes and ambitions of the viewers.

b)    The back panel should contain a further message to strengthen the first message along with contact information e.g. address and contact number.

c)     It is to be remembered that a lot of creativity is required while designing a tri-fold brochure as two panels are first unfolded by a viewer to get the full message and these are: 1) The cover panel and 2) The inside back panel and then only the viewer gets to see and read the entire spread of three interior panels. Use the bullet points judiciously and systematically to get the full impact.

d)    The three interior panels must carry the words and images and testimonials that urge a viewer to get in contact or at least pass on the message to others and thereby providing extra and much needed propaganda.

e)    The words depicting the message must be meticulously chosen and the design to facilitate the message must be worked out carefully to bring out the maximum response from a viewer/reader.

Depending upon the number of words or the length of the message an oversized brochure is sometimes needed. Brochure of 8.5”x18” and 8.5”x14” dimensions are available. At last it is to be remembered that while creating a professional tri-fold brochures it is one’s own innovative ideas that matter the most to propagate one’s messages to the best possible manner through the brochure.



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