The third largest and the third most populous island in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is approx 380 km to the north of Egypt, 75 km to the south of Turkey, approx 800 km to the east of Greece, approx 10 km to the west of Syria and Lebanon and approx 200 km to the northwest of Israel and the Gaza Strip. It is officially known as the Republic of Cyprus. It has a total area of 2400 square kilometers. It has two mountain ranges, Troodos range and Kyrenia range. Mount Olympus located on the Troodos range, at a height of 1,952 meters, is the highest point of Cyprus. The capital and the largest city of Cyprus is Nicosia. Nicosia, located near the center of Cyprus, is the main business center of Cyprus. Nicosia is approx 3200 km from London and it takes nearly 4 hours to reach Nicosia by flight from London. A lot of flights of different airlines are available.

Walking, sightseeing, cycling, partying barefoot, tasting vintage wine, taking late summer dips, relishing exquisite traditional dishes and seafood, exploring pristine wilderness, taking spa treatment, hiking, collecting souvenirs, fishing, scuba diving, shopping exquisite fashion items are the major holiday activities in Cyprus apart from enjoying the exquisite beaches and getting a perfect tan. For UK holidaymakers, Cyprus is one of the best places to enjoy. With a lot of hotels, night clubs, restaurants and beautiful beaches with more than 300 days of relaxing sunshine available in a year, Cyprus cannot be overlooked at any cost by the holidaymakers.

Ayia Napa: For young families, newly married couples and teenagers Ayia Napa (now popularly called Agia Napa) is a resort never to be forgotten, once visited. It is located on the eastern corner of Cyprus and spread out along the shoreline. With crystal clear and shallow water, the sand beaches are soft and exquisite, ideal to play beach volleyball, swim around and get a perfect tan.

Famagusta: Located on the north eastern part of Cyprus, Famagusta has some exquisite beaches to the north of the town. Famagusta,   apart from its beaches, is famous for many churches of great architectural value and an open-air museum that are many centuries old.

Kyrenia: Located to the north of Cyprus, Kyrenia has many wonderful things to offer to the tourists. Kyrenia has a mountain range nearby and is surrounded by many beautiful villages. It has a very attractive harbour, many monasteries and fortified castles. There are many exquisite beaches to the east and the west of Kyrenia. St. Hilarion Castle and Bufavento fortress are worth visiting.

Larnaca: Southeast of Cyprus, Larnaca is the third largest city of Cyprus. This place is famous as a resting place of migratory birds, especially flamingos. It has a long line of clubs, bars, restaurants and palm-shaded cafes along the beach. It has many impressive churches and historic sites. Camel rides and scuba diving are added attractions.

A unique blend of Greek, Turkish and Middle Eastern Cuisine, Cypriot cuisine caters to the taste of every individual at reasonable prices. Don’t miss to relish at the very first opportunity Arkatena (buns with a great taste) and Zivania (a special alcoholic drink).

Hotels, nightclubs and restaurants are plentiful and cater to the need and budget of every tourist.


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