It is strange how with time, most of the things change. In the not too distant past, removal of body hair permanently by men was unheard of and considered taboo. Now, well, it is in vogue and appearing to be much sought after among the affluent in the western countries steadily making its way to the affluent in the other parts of the world.

      The passion to remove body hair in men did not come about overnight. It came into being due to the pressing demands of the corporate and the entertainment world. The ever increasing demand to look one’s best and smell good round the clock, to compete with the best has brought the drastic change in men.  From the corporate and the entertainment world the passion to do away with body hair is spreading like wild fire to people engaged in other professions.

  Laser Hair Removal Therapy is now much sought after not only by women but also by men who can afford it, since Laser Hair Removal can be a permanent solution. The Laser Hair Removal Therapy has scored over other hair medieval removal therapies such as  ”Tweezing”, “Waxing” and “ Bleaching” which  were definitely considered better than the oldest hair removal way, “Shaving”. Permanent Facial hair removal was exclusively a feminine thing. Now it is not the domain of the females. Men too are going for Facial Permanent Hair Removal. Permanent Facial Hair Removal was a nagging Problem in the past. Thanks to Laser Hair Removal Therapy, as it has brought a permanent solution to the nagging problem. Permanent Facial Hair Removal for men was not even thought of as there was practically no need. Now permanent facial hair removal for men is being considered. As mentioned earlier, to look sleek and smooth round the clock has become a necessity for men and that cannot be overruled. Men don’t have time to shave even once in a day due to the tight schedule. The time is coming when men from all walks of life will go for Laser Hair Removal to maintain their charm and youthfulness for long.

Cost for Laser Hair Removal may be a deceiving factor unless thoroughly checked by the interested people. The cost for hair removal may vary from person to person. Cost for Laser Hair Removal depends upon various factors. Some of them are as follows:

1)      Skin Condition

2)      Number of treatments required

3)      The Country and the area

4)      The size of the area being treated

5)      Time required for the entire treatment

6)      Type of Laser Hair Removal Therapy

The skin that does not tan well, the Diode Laser Hair Removal is said to be the best. Diode Laser Hair Removal is costlier but then it is known to be the best for all skin types. Diode Laser hair Removal is preferred for people having darker complexion. It has been reported that hair fall out is the fastest (within two weeks) and each session results in sparser hair growth.

Laser Hair Removal is nothing but a cosmetic procedure. Highly concentrated light is focussed on a particular targeted area. Pigment in the hair follicles absorbs the light. That brings about the fall of hair and sparser delayed re-growth. Lasers can be used to remove un-wanted hair from the face, leg, arm, under-arm and other areas. The beauty of the Laser Hair Removal Therapy is, it targets the selected dark, coarse un-wanted hair without damaging the skin of the area and the surrounding area.

The Side effects of Laser Hair Removal are minimum and nothing that can’t be done with if one takes the advice and treatment of a seasoned dermatologist prior to the Laser Hair Removal Therapy. It is reported that some persons get a slight burning sensation and redness of skins that last for two or three days at the most. The cost for Laser Hair Removal Therapy varies from country to country. In the developed countries, the cost for Laser Hair Removal Therapy is between 250 and 500 USD whereas in the third world countries the cost for Laser Hair Removal is somewhere between  200 and 250 USD for a treatment period of 4 to 8 weeks comprising of 6 to 8 sessions.

To sum it up Laser Hair Removal has come as a boon and we must bracket it among the top most modern therapies the century.


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