Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Prada, Kenneth Cole, Converse, Vans, Jordan and many other top brands are out there, offering their merchandise. It is you, who should know, what to choose and what to overlook from the wide range on display. Look into the latest designs and the latest fashions and offers and then decide to pick up the best bargain.

To shop for the perfect fit and the perfect shoe style isn’t as easy as you may think. A lot of things are to be taken into account to get a pair of shoes that others would envy for its perfect fit and style.

Select the Perfect Fit and the Perfect Shoe Style: With so many top brands offering the latest shoe styles, you may get confused. Don’t get confused and don’t go by hear-say. A pair of shoes that fit perfectly on the feet of a person might not be fit for you. Try different pairs on. It is absolutely necessary to wear different pairs and judge personally to get the perfect fit. A perfect shoe style is irrelevant if it is not a perfect fit. Perfect shoe style and perfect fit should be complementary to each other.

Many of us do not bother to know the latest styles and designs and repent afterwards for our foolishness and ignorance. Let us first know the different shoe styles, to pick out the right pair. For sports purposes most of the hot brands are offering “Athletic Shoes”. Athletic shoes are so comfortable and safe that they are worn by common people too everyday and for casual use. The only place where people are not allowed and seen in athletic shoes today is an office. There are Athletic look like shoes, more commonly known as Athletic-inspired shoes. These shoes are not designed for sports purposes but give an illusion of athletic shoes. However these shoes are much in demand for their various colour combinations and rugged looks. Boots have been liked by men and women both for ages. Women prefer boots for the variety these provide. Pointed-toe, knee-high, flat-heel, flat-toe, platform-soled are some of the hot favourites. These are specially designed to suit all weather and are leakage proof. Motorcycle, snow hiking and cowboy boots have been doing the rounds for quite some time now. Clogs with its modern version have come out in the open leaving behind the wooden soles. Now clogs with rubber soles, cork soles and plastic soles adorn the feet of the wearers. Clogs with the upper half made of leather, look fashionable and are widely used and popular for its open-back style.

Mules are much in demand and preferred mostly by those who have an inclination for closed-toe with an open-back style offering different heights. With long skirts or pants, mules look great and fashionable. Flats have either very low and broad heels or no heels at all. These are preferred by tall people who don’t want to look extra tall and these are really very comfortable to wear and walk around. These look equally good and stylish with skirts, loose pants and shorts. Stilettos are hot favourite of those who like to wear short dresses and flaunt their natural assets. With no strap and ties, with the toes visible, these give one, a killer look. These are available with heels of different heights and closed back, both for short and tall ladies. Loafers are made of soft leather and are preferred for the slip-on quality. These are usually carved out of a single piece of leather having no outer sole. Some loafers have rubber soles. Platform shoes have separate heels and soles and are made of colourful fabrics and are the shoes of choice for their variety in colour and height. Sandals have usually a single strap and thin sole and provide great comfort when walking around casually in shorts and in open air. Strappy sandals, specially designed for women, can be worn with long and short skirts and look great with any clothing that is light in weight. Dress shoes are really great for men and offer a wide range, suitable for all kinds of clothing.

Get a Great Fit for Your Shoes

To get a great and perfect fit for your shoes, it is advised to have a proper tracing of one of your feet. Trace one foot with a pencil or a marker by placing the foot on a piece of paper. It is better to let somebody else do the tracing, as you may find it uncomfortable to do the tracing on your own. Once the tracing is done, mark the length and width by drawing straight lines that touch the outermost points, vertically and horizontally. If you measure these lines with a scale or a tape, you will get the length and width of your feet. To get the right measurement, please note that your feet must be in use for several hours. The feet expand with continuous exercise and contract when in rest for long. Take the measurement in standing position. These steps would ensure a perfect fit for your shoes.

Choose the Right Athletic Shoes:

Running shoes, Tennis shoes, Basket ball shoes, Training shoes, Walking shoes, Cricket shoes come under Athletic shoe category. Depending upon your involvement, choose the right one for yourself. These shoes provide safety and comfort as well as enable you to move freely from side to side, from front to back and from back to front with ease. Your movements can be faster, easier and safer when you choose the right pair of Athletic shoes.    


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