Essential Supplies For Kittens


It is always better to comprehend beforehand whom to contact, what and how to avoid and how and what to do, before bringing home a lovely kitten. As a kitten grows up, the closeness you feel is just like one feels with one’s child, as it grows up. One careless and unintended error on your part could be fatal and might cause repentance and a feeling of guilt to you, for the rest of your precious life. So, before bringing in a kitten to be a part/member of your family, ask these questions to yourself:

a)      Am I a good parent?

b)      Am I willing and capable enough to bear the expenditure, needed for the upbringing of a kitten?

c)       How much patience do I have?

d)      Are all the other members of my family, patient enough, to tolerate the inevitable pranks of a kitten for long?

e)      Is my house safe for a kitten to live in?

f)       How much do I know about the “ESSENTIAL SUPPLIES FOR KITTENS”?

If your answer to the first five questions is a bold “YES”, I can gladly take the risk of telling you all about the “Essential Supplies for Kittens.”

Following are the most essential supplies for kittens and are meant for those who treat their kittens as a member of their families and as their own children:-

a)      Toys with no small parts that could be chewed or swallowed. Preferably a battery operated and unbreakable moving rat or a fish.

b)      An artificial or original tree with lots of branches that can be climbed upon. Kittens love to scale heights.

c)       Food, as recommended by a competent veterinarian. It is recommended by most veterinarians to feed a kitten canned food, both moist and dry. The number and the frequency of feeds vary, as a kitten grows up. Five to six small feeds at regular intervals are recommended for kittens up to six weeks. Up to 12 weeks quantity of food per feed is increased gradually and the number of feeds is decreased up to three feeds per day at regular intervals. Up to six months the number of feeds is further decreased to two feeds per day with an interval of 12 hours between the feeds.

d)      Litter boxes, more than one.

e)      A bed

f)       A collar- with your name and address and mobile number tagged. This enables you to get back your kitten if it is lost (happens quite often).

g)      More than one ceramic or steel bowls. Avoid plastic bowls as some kittens have a tendency to chew the plastic bowls.

h)      Posts for scratching. Kittens love to scratch with their nails. It is their basic instinct. In the absence of scratching posts, a kitten may scratch your costly furniture and leave behind unwanted and unpleasant scratch marks.

i)        A  kitten carrier

j)        Hair trimmers – specially designed hair trimmers are readily available for the long haired kittens

k)      Brushes and combs

l)        Specially designed tooth brush and tooth paste for the kittens.

There are people who do not have these provisions in their residences but still they are the proud and successful owners of more than one kitten and many cats. What matters the most is the loving and caring nature of the other members of the family.  





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