How to take care of your car? The answer is either not completely known by the car owners or ignored, as it is time consuming and needs patience and money. Many people do not realise that it is much easier to buy a car than to maintain it for long.

A poorly maintained car, even if it is expensive and of the latest model, depicts the careless and lacklustre attitude of its owner and makes him a laughing stock in his society. It is widely believed and a matter of fact that a car is a status symbol. Whether it is a vintage car or a latest model car, a well maintained car depicts the quality, taste, style and character of the owner. A person gets recognition in his society simply by owning a car but, if the person knows how to take care of his car, his recognition, reputation and prestige in the society gets established.

Most of the car owners take adequate steps to maintain the sleek look, polish and shine of the exterior of the car, overlooking the maintenance of the interior of the car. It is true that the exterior of the car is the first to meet one’s eyes but it is the interior of the car that matters the most, so far as the proper functioning of the engine and smoothness of the performance of a car are concerned.

Here are the tips that you should consider for regular and periodic maintenance of your car:-

a)      Regular- 1) daily cleaning and wiping of the body, glasses (front, rear and side), headlights and fog lights.

2) Weekly polishing and waxing, to maintain the shine and the sleek look of the car.

3) Scrutiny of the interior of the car to look for signs of crack, erosion, rust or breakage, if any.

4) Reminder to one and all while getting in or out, to shut the doors from a distance of six inches and not with a bang. This step would ensure the durability of the door panels and the rubber linings.

5) Check the pressure of the tyres. Overpressure or Underpressure in the tyres affects the mileage of the car and the durability of the tyres. Maintain correct pressure in the tyres, as recommended in the vehicle user manual. It is to be remembered that the pressure in the tyres often fluctuates with outside temperature and kilometres travelled. It is advised to check the pressure of the tyres when the tyres are cold. Avoid checking tyre pressure when the car has been in motion for more than half an hour.

6) Oil level is to be checked. Proper oil level ensures the long lasting smooth performance of all the moving parts of your car and enhances the life of the engine of your car. To get the correct reading of the oil level, all the tyres of the car should be on the same level.

b) Periodic-  1)Servicing of the car at an authorized service station as per the guidance given in the owner’s  vehicle manual.

2) With wear and tear, even a well maintained car, sometimes shows signs of malfunctioning. It may be a starting problem, feeling of uneasiness in manoeuvring the car or something else. Don’t overlook the problem. Take your car to a competent mechanic or an authorized service centre and get the problem rectified without delay.

It is advised to use the products recommended by the manufacturer of the car, for the maintenance of your car.



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