How to Dress for a Casual Office

                            How to Dress for a Casual Office

How to dress for a casual office is often a matter of concern for many office goers. Gone are the days when most of the offices had a strict dress code. With more work pressure and increased work hours on a daily basis, most of the offices were forced to relax their dress codes to provide the employees more ease and flexibility in order to get better results from them. There has been a misconception that “Casual” means anything can be worn. This misconception has caused huge embarrassment to many organisations, superiors and colleagues, quite often. The point to remember always is, never to dress too casually and cause embarrassment to others at the office. Sweatpants, sweatshirts, tee-shirts, faded jeans are to be avoided strictly. These are too casual and are often worn while wandering around casually in the morning and evening or in a park or a local market near one’s house for daily shopping.

You must choose a dress that is casual and comfortable and at the same time does not look odd on you. An office is a place where you are expected to be friendly, yet professional. A casual dress which is too casual will not earn you the due respect, needed in a professional world. A lot of things are to be considered while choosing a dress for a casual office. Your complexion, build, surroundings and colleagues are some of the factor before choosing a dress for a casual office. You must take into account the likes and dislikes (regarding clothes) of your superiors and colleagues, whom you come across daily. The trick is to wear and show-off your dresses and style but be sure that all the dresses that you are wearing are not violating any dress code or code of conduct and are not disapproved by your superiors and colleagues. An organisation may allow its receptionists and female secretaries to wear mini-skirts but one may find herself causing a lot of embarrassment in another organisation by wearing a mini-skirt. The point is, while a particular dress may be fit for a casual office in a particular organisation may not be fit for a casual office in another organisation. If you know the needs of your job, you are sure to choose the right dresses for a casual office. For women, to wear long sleeved blouse, button-down shirt and a sports jacket, jeans that have not faded, knee length skirt with a cardigan are advised. For men, jeans that have not faded, full sleeved shirts and tee-shirts, tucked in are mostly advised. Dresses that expose midriffs and cleavage, super short skirts, flip-flops, strapless and transparent dresses are to be avoided by women. Similarly men should avoid wearing unbuttoned shirts, showing off their chest hair and rippling muscles. In the summer, choose dresses that are light and not of dark colour. Cotton shirts and full pants are the most ideal in a place where the days and nights are excessively hot. Khaki or white and combination of black and white dresses are ideal for summer. Dark and loud colours are to be avoided while choosing a dress for a casual office, in summer. If you know how to match your skirt or blouse with your pant or skirt and have a fair sense of right colour combination, you have nothing to worry while choosing a dress for a casual office. If you have doubts, it is always better to take the advice of a person who you think is right for the purpose. 


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