Benefits of Mineral Makeup

                                                                Benefits of Mineral Makeup

The name “Mineral Makeup” itself suggests a natural feeling and automatically gives a sense of reliability. Many users have been applying mineral makeup, without actually comprehending the benefits of mineral makeup. It’s a matter of fact, if the benefits of mineral makeup were known by its users it would eradicate the chemical makeup from the market.

Though mineral makeup was introduced in the early part of 21st century, it became popular and widely available in the 1970’s. Today ask any dermatologist or any cosmetic surgeon and you would find that mineral makeup is always recommended over chemical makeup. Patients, having different skin issues and using mineral makeup, will vouch for the benefits of mineral makeup. Many people are demanding mineral makeup themselves, in the beauty parlours and the cosmetic shops. This is the reason, many of the mineral makeup brands have started becoming OTC (over the counter) products.

As the name suggests, mineral makeup is made of minerals, ground into fine powder form after pulverization and sterilization. Mineral makeup is usually free of chemicals and this is the reason that the mineral makeup does not cause irritation and inflammation. The four main ingredients found in almost all brands of mineral makeup are A) zinc oxide B) titanium dioxide C) 100% micronized minerals and D) pure iron. These ingredients mixed in the right proportion, bring out a natural look and a glow that is youthful in appearance. Mineral makeup has made its mark by proving itself beneficial to all kinds of skin e.g. oily, hypersensitive and dry. It has become popular over the years for another reason besides the reasons stated above and that is the soothing and natural feeling it gives to the users. Mineral makeup has its distinct advantages over chemical based makeup. Some of the distinct advantages that have made mineral makeup stand tall and apart are

a)      It being recommended now-a-days by the dermatologists and the plastic surgeons

b)      Its protection ability from harmful ultra violet rays, rough weather and free radicals

c)       Its ability to provide long term exposure

d)      Its ability to refresh  and protect the damaged skin

e)      Its ability to leave the skin’s pores unhindered

f)       It being oil free and composed of inorganic minerals, so does not support bacteria growth

The two basic ingredients a) zinc oxide and b) titanium dioxide, found in the mineral makeup are both known for their natural screening ability that protect the skin from harmful UVA (ULTRA VIOLET A) and UVB (ULTRA VIOLET B) rays of the sun. These two ingredients, by sitting on the skin’s surface, provide physical blocks but by no means get absorbed by the skin. The antioxidant property of zinc protects the skin against free radicals. Titanium oxide is known as to have a higher light refractive index than diamond. It is due to this ingredient that the skin gets a youthful luminous glow. Moreover, mineral makeup is preferred more by the ladies for its natural and non-makeup like look. If applied carefully and judiciously, the onlookers may be deceived by the non-makeup and natural look of mineral makeup.

Last but not the least is the price factor. Most of the mineral makeup brands are available between the price range $10 and $50.

To sum it up, I would highly recommend mineral makeup to all for the following factors:

  • Price.
  • Anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.
  • Free from preservatives, fragrance and chemical dye.
  • Ability to hide scars and acne by providing coverage that is natural looking.
  • Longer protection from Ultra violet rays.
  • Water resistant ability.
  • Anti ageing property.

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