As an ExTRa in A MoVie

 Inspired by my acting abilities and the praises showered upon me, by my close and distant acquaintances for my acting performances, in different roles, in many school and college dramas, I was determined to try my luck somehow in the movies and make myself a superstar. Those days, Mr. X was a superstar. It was a well known fact that he encouraged the young and budding talents and had an eye for them. It seemed to be a blessing in disguise to me when I was told that the shooting of a film, featuring Mr. X was going to take place, in a nearby location. To get noticed by Mr. X, I left no stones unturned. I spent two sleepless nights and many hours, to get close to Mr. X. With the help of local influence and some local heavyweights, I finally managed to have a few words with Mr. X and succeeded to get a role in the movie (Haqueequat), as an extra. Though the role was of a dead soldier, I was in the seventh heaven. I felt as if I had made it. Alas! Who knew that the role of an extra (that too as a dead soldier) would be so tough. The next day on the set, I was called up by the makeup man, who applied lotions, cosmetics and God knows what else on my face and body. Then I was called up by the dress man to dress me up. They must have done a great work, as all my friends and well wishers were eyeing me with envy and awe, from a distance. When I enquired about my dialogues, I was bluntly reminded that a dead soldier, don’t talk. Even then, I was not disheartened. I was disheartened when the so-called director was not satisfied with my performance as a dead soldier in the movie. It seemed, he did not for once appreciate the fact that it was next to impossible, to lie inert and hold your breath for a considerable length of time when the shot was being taken. Anybody with a compassionate heart can understand the impossible situation of a man who is told to lie and act dead, for more than 5 minutes, amidst the glaring flashlights, spotlights and a great battle scene all around. Finally, the take was over and I was told to come to my normal self. Then, I realized that nobody was paying any attention to me. The film was finally released and was an instant hit. Mr. X was appreciated by the media to a great extent whereas I found myself to be a laughing stock in my own native place for my foolishness. If you ever want to know, what it is like to be an extra, in a movie, ask those like me before you take any decision.



About indranilc69

I love to write as it is my passion. I have written on varied niches for the past 22 years. Though I have written many general articles, medical articles and technical articles, I love to write travel articles the most. With a bachelor degree in science, I am at ease while writing technical articles. As I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry in different capacities for 14 years, I have gained considerable knowledge regarding medicines and diseases. At present, I have taken up freelance writing as my career. You can read my views and comments on different matters in "Times of India", where I am registered under my name and at present am a Gold member. You can Contact me at- 7205344208 and 8093446086 Copyright indranilc69, 2013
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