AppLiAnCe SaFety TipS..

                                                 Appliance Safety Tips

A user is liable to take all the recommended safety measures while operating an appliance to safeguard himself and the others from unintended personal injuries and accidents.

Simply by ensuring that the appliances one buys have been certified and tested for safety, one cannot rest in peace and overlook the safety measures to be taken into account on a daily basis. It is of paramount importance that every user should and must go through the product manuals with utmost sincerity and implement the guidelines at the time of using the appliances with strict vigilance and proper care.

It is often noticed that the users’ manual is discarded or thrown away once and for all just like the packaging. Even if some of the users read the literature, he or she forgets the fact that there are other users in the same house who should be enlightened about the safety tips, given in the users’ manual before permitting them to handle an appliance. This carelessness on the part of one often leads to terrible consequences for the others.

Following are the Appliance Safety Tips:

1)    If an appliance gets overheated, it is a sign of short circuit in the appliance. The problem should be rectified without any delay by a competent mechanic.

2)    Keep all appliances away from the reach of babies.

3)    Enlighten all the users about the proper use of an appliance before permitting them to use the appliance.

4)    Never allow electricity to come in contact with water or any liquid when the lid of an appliance is open. Electrical cords are to be kept aside and not allowed to get wet or come in contact with any liquid. The surface where an appliance is placed must be kept dry and stable.

5)    No appliance should have exposed electrical wires, or loose connections with sparking.

6)    Damaged or over used plugs, cords or parts of an appliance should be replaced as early as possible and should not be used unless the problem has been rectified.

7)    Keep all appliances away from heat sources to avoid damage caused due to over-heating.

8)    Any smell that seems unusual whether burning or otherwise, must not be overlooked at any cost.

9)    Try using but not over using the appliances with auto-shut facility as in the case of a micro-oven or a mixer grinder or a washing machine.

10)                       Never allow children to handle any appliance on their own and without the supervision of a competent adult.

11)                       Never use extension cords to run an appliance outside its original place of function.

12)                       Watch for any abnormal functioning of an appliance. In case any abnormality is noticed, get the problem rectified.

13)                       Problem voltage must be maintained for all electrical appliances. In case of voltage fluctuation, install a home electrical stabilizer.

14)                       A house should be shock proof where a lot of electrical appliances are used on a daily basis. If the safety tips and the guidelines for safe usage mentioned in the users’ manual are strictly followed, the appliances will have a better life and durability.



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